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Introduction and Caprice

Hey to anyone who's stumbled onto my journal! Right now I'm writing more than making graphics, though I will continue to multi-task and do either/or. I want to keep on putting out quality pieces of both imagery and writing, but finding the time is another story. =) All of my fiction and graphics are open for anyone to view, but anything personal is friends-locked and probably will remain that way. Friend me if you want, as I'm rather friendly and I do try to update regularly, so keep an eye out for more of anything and everything.

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Harry Potter:“I solemnly swear..."


Title: Arriving
Rating: PG/light PG-13 for implied sexy-times and for not-so-nice imagery
Genre: Fluff, angst
Characters/Pairings: Ron/Hermione
Spoilers: None, unless you don't know how the series ends
Summary: He comes to her
Notes: No beta, except myself. Cross posted. First fic in a while and my brain is slightly haywire, coming off of finals. Be nice :)
Disclaimer:Everything Harry Potter belongs to JK Rowling and Scholastic Press, and is used without permission here. I, however, do not claim what is theirs and only what is mine.

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Doctor Who

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Things that I don't like about living in the wilderness:



Crappy (too short!) showers

Sand in your bed

Sunburns (I guess these can happen anywhere, but oh well)

Lack of...amenities

Boredom at night

Things that make me happy about living in the wilderness:

Early morning walks to work just as the sun is coming up over the trees

Fireflies at night

Driving down dirt trails...especially when it's muddy out

Being able to see so many stars (I miss them when I'm in the city!)

Drives in the morning

Baby wildlife (baby raccoons, baby deer, baby turtles, baby birds...)

Riding horses

Being able to wander around at night by myself

Going for walks

Woodsy air  =)

Seeing sunrises AND sunsets


Waiting out summer downpours underneath trees

Acting like a kid again  =D

Yup, wilderness living again this summer. Yay!!  =)
Harry Potter:“I solemnly swear..."

"Atonement" icons


So I was cleaning out my external HD and ran across this wee batch of icons I had made from Atonement. I think I was either planning to make more (because it's such a gorgeous movie) or hated them at the time, but either way, I figured someone out there might like them :)

On a sadder note, this is the last batch of icons I can foresee posting. Ever. My Photoshop software was (sadly) deleted from my old desktop and my laptop can't handle the program. So for now, the last icons.

12 Atonement icons

So, with no furthur ado, my requests:
Please credit me,

No hotlinking, altering, or otherwise abusing the images
Don't post elsewhere without my explicit permission
And, of course, enjoy them! :)

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An Ode to Technology

So I've always said that I'm a books kinda girl; I don't really care for TV or hours on the Internets. And for the most part, this is very true. I'd rather have a good book in hand to unwind with when I get the chance than a remote or clicking away at this screen for a few hours.

But this year my roommates and I decided not to pay for cable. While it wouldn't be very expensive, we reasoned it wasn't necessary and would only be a distraction from our homework and other things that really matter in life (i.e. HOMEWORK. ugh). But...

I miss TV.

I miss my shows, my characters, my stories.

I miss LOST (even if it ended), and the gorgeous tropical scenery and suspense each week,--though I could certainly live happily without ever seeing Jack weep overly-emotionally ever again. 

I miss How I Met Your Mother because it's funny and sweet and one of the few genuinely good sitcoms still running (and reruns are on all the time).  Because HIMYM took the place of Scrubs for me, which I miss as well. The Sacred Heart staff members were so well known and familiar and sitting down to midnight reruns of it with a bowl of ice cream after a shitty night at work was worth it.

I miss ESPN. I used to bake and and watch the sports from over the counter, throwing batter-splattered hands in the air when my teams made a goal (or better yet, they won).

I miss the stupid nightly news, with the simpering, stereotyped female news anchor and her counterpart, always a slightly balding man, looking at me intently from the TV, yearning to spread his news with me.

I miss the Disney Channel, even if it's half gone to ridiculous tween soap-operas now. I miss the Travel channel and gazing at the lush vistas I'll probably never see and groaning, pushing my face into the couch cushions with the intense longing far away places give me. I miss the History channel, because even though it doesn't always get the damn facts straight, it lets me have an intensely geeky hour for me.

I miss Glee, even if it is a ridiculous tween soap-opera.

I miss bad SciFi movies. Seriously, killer genetically-enhanced snakes? Really crappy CGI'd dragons battling heroines who wear next to nothing wielding pieces of tin foil? Yes. I laughed and buried my head in my hands, giggling with shame while I watched. I miss when I would catch the opening producer's fanfare to a movie and wait, guessing what movie was running, my inner competitive tigress snarling in loss or in fiendish victory.

I miss sitting on the couch with my friends.

So you can point and laugh and yell "hypocrite" at me, an English major, while I quietly, in a quiet, deep recess of my brain, yearn for my shows. For my television. For my technology.
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Never Say Never Ever

Title: Never Say Never Ever
Rating: G
Genre: romance, fluff
Characters/Pairings: Susan/Caspian
Spoilers: ignores Narnia canon.
Notes: No beta, except myself.
Disclaimer: Everything Narnia belongs to CS Lewis and Harper Trophy/Walden Media, and is used without permission here. I, however, do not claim what is theirs and only what is mine.

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Harry Potter:“I solemnly swear..."

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The Harry Potter premiere is tonight (well, in my time zone, anyway lol) at midnight.

This kid for sure has tickets to it.

I might cry with happiness.


“I solemnly swear I am up to no good"

Star Wars



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Also, I'm not dead. Hurrah! :) First work, then school ate me alive. It's not been fun, but certainly busy. Happy (almost) autumn! :)