We are creatures of imagination

…the normal person will not break that spell

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Hmm... what to write? I was never very good at these, but I'll try.

I'm really just your average girl. I laugh too loud and am too sarcastic, like reading too much and talk about whatever happens to be on my mind...good thing I'm an English major, huh? I'm still a student whose life is pretty boring, but I think I manage to keep it interesting enough with some random adventures. A few of the things I love in life include traveling, being friendly to random people, fancy dresses, having spontaneous adventures, and baking.

I'd prefer to think that I'm really a superhero genius in disguise.

My journal is semi friends-only at the moment. Any of my personal ramblings are locked, but icon posts and writings are currently open to the public and will (hopefully) stay that way.

Of course feel free to friend me, whether for my scintillating conversation or for fandom related updates. If you do decide I'm cool enough to have wandering around your f-list and want me to friend you back, make sure to say something to me. Please?

This journal is, rather unwillingly and sadly, on indefinite hiatus for fic and icon updates, as RL has been eating my soul and looks to continue to do so. Hopefully I can convince it other fangirls are more tasty and I'll be spared. :)